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Using Virginia LottoPool is for joining a lottery pool(s) available for residents of Virginia. There are two options, you can join a lottery pool which is available to the public, called a public pool, or you can create or join a private lottery pool, with friends, family, and coworkers.

As the current state-run lottery games like Power Ball and Mega Millions with Jackpots over $1,000,000 are hard to win, you can receive more value out of your investment by joining a group lottery pool. Say a person wishes to spend $10 on lottery tickets, with games like Power Ball, or Mega Millions, facing typical odds of 1 in 175 million. If the person purchase 10 tickets for the lottery game, the odds of winning the jackpot are 10 in 175 million combinations. Now with $10, a person can purchase 1 spot in 10 different lottery pools, increasing their odds of winning the Jackpot to 1,000 in 175 million (given each 10 lottery pools have 100 spots each).

I have been running manual lottery pools for many years, and now I am bringing this service to the online world, making it easy for people to join a public pool, or form their own private pools, with other people across the state of Virginia to win and share the winnings. When I used to run a lottery pool with friends, coworkers, or family – I had to collect the funds from each member, have them sign a lottery pool agreement, purchase the tickets, send all the members’ images of the tickets, and distribute any winnings.

With Lotto Pool, all the work of creating or joining a lottery pool is standardized and simplified for interested participants. All you need to do is complete our online registration, execute a Lottery Pool Agreement, and start participating in lottery games. Virginia LottoPool will do all the rest.

When joining a lottery pool, you are not purchasing a lottery ticket – but you are purchasing an ownership interest or “spot” in a pool. For example, if the lottery pool has 100 spots, that will translate into 100 tickets purchased for the lottery pool. A participant can purchase any number of available spots. For example, John sees a public pool, for Mega Millions for the coming Wednesday drawing, and when reviewing the details finds the pool has 50 spots available, he can purchase 1 or as many as 50 spots in the lottery pool.

Benefits of Joining Lotto Pool

Virginia LottoPool is a lottery pool service in which people can increase the odds of winning one of the big lottery games with Jackpots in the multi-million dollar range. Virginia LottoPool provides a portal to help members join multiple lotto pools, which will help increase the odds of their winning a lottery Jackpot.

All you have to do is identify the public pools you want to join, and purchase spots in the pool. The rest of the work is handled by the LottoPool Team. The LottoPool Team will purchase the tickets for the lottery pool, post the ticket details of the lottery tickets for the lottery pool – and the images and number details-- post the results of the game drawings, calculate the winnings of the pool, cash/redeem the tickets for the lottery pool tickets, and distribute the winnings of the lottery pool among the members in compliance with the Lottery Pool Agreement.

Instead of just limiting a person to joining a lottery pool with family, friends, and coworkers – a person can join other people interested in being in a pool and winning a big lottery Jackpot. And the winning is not limited to the Jackpot. Even if the lottery pool wins a smaller amount, such as anything over $1, it will be shared among the members of the pool.,


In order to join a lottery pool and purchase spot(s) in the pool, a person has to be a registered participant on the Virginia LottoPool site. As a part of the registration process, a person will be asked to consent to a Lottery Pool Agreement which, along with the Terms and Conditions of Use for this website, will outline the rules for participating in these activities sponsored by Virginia LottoPool.

There are only three conditions to becoming a registered LottoPool participant: a) the person must be 18 years or older, b) the person must be a resident of the state of Virginia; and c) the person must have a computer located within the boundaries of the state of Virginia.

Review Lottery Pools

A user of the Virginia LottoPool site will be able to review the lottery pools being organized for games and drawings by the Virginia Lottery. There are two kinds of lottery pools offered by this website: (a) a public lotto pool, which is open to anyone who is a Virginia resident and is at least 18 years of age; and (2) a private lotto pool, which is open to members who register on our website and who are invited by the private lottery pool creator.

Any registered participant can create a private lottery pool by providing the list of people they want to invite. Three things are important to note for a private lottery pool creator:, 1) all the invited participants must be residents of Virginia; 2) All invited participants must be at least 18 years of age; and 3) the lottery pool creator is called a LottoPool Leader, and is rewarded with an additional winning spot if the lottery pool wins any money.

Purchase spot(s)

Any registered participant with funds available in his or her user lottery pool bank account can purchase any number of available spots in the pool. Purchasing spots involves specifying the share of a participant in the lottery pool. If, for example, a participant purchases 10 spots in a pool with 100 users, he or she would receive 10/100, or 10%, of any net winnings.

Virginia LottoPool Closing

A lottery pool is closed when all the spots are purchased or when the lottery pool closing date/time has passed. Pool Closing means no participant can purchase any more spots in the pool. If necessary, the closed pool with spots below the threshold number of spots can be merged with other public lotto pools for the same lottery event, and all the participants of these lottery pools being merged are notified. The pools are merged to give each participant the maximum benefit of his or her lottery pool spot purchase. Lottery pool consolidation is handled by the Virginia LottoPool Team.

Manage Lotto Pool User Bank Account

In order for a person r to participate in Virginia LottoPool, he or she has to have funds added to a LottoPool user bank account. The funds available in a participant’s LottoPool bank account can be used to purchase spots in the lottery pools, or they can be withdrawn at any point of time.


A registered participant can deposit funds to his or her LottoPool bank account by depositing funds through a debit card transaction (minimum deposit $10.00), or payment via an online bank transfer. In the future, participants will be able to deposit funds by authorizing a wire transfer from their personal bank account into the Virginia LottoPool bank account. Additionally, a registered participant can transfer funds to another registered participant of Virginia LottoPool.


A registered participant can withdraw up to 100% of the balance in his or her Virginia LottoPool bank account. Typical withdrawal is via a paper check, and is a free service. If the participant wishes to wire transfer the funds into his or her personal bank account, a transfer service fee equal to the amount charged to wire the money is charged.

Review Transactions

Any registered participant can review all the transactions from his or her Virginia LottoPool bank account, going back 30, 60, or 90 days. The transactions will be deposit, withdrawal, spot purchase, or share of winnings.

Join a Public Pool

Public pools are created by the Virginia LottoPool Team, and are open to all the registered participants of the site. Any participant is allowed to purchase any number of available spots in a pool or in multiple pools. There is no limit to how many spots a participant can purchase. Best way to increase your odds of winning a lottery game is to join a maximum number of lottery pools, thereby improving your chances of winning a Jackpot or other prizes.

Join a Private Pool

A private lottery pool is initiated by a registered participant of the site, who wishes to create a lottery pool for friends, family, or coworkers only. For example, if a business person wants to setup a pool to purchase lottery tickets with his or her coworkers, the person can setup a private lottery pool, and invite only coworkers into the pool. Only coworkers specified in the lottery pool creation will be able to purchase spots in the pool. If the lottery pool wins any money, it will be shared with the participants in the private lottery pool.

Create a Private Pool

Creating a private pool is a two (2) step process: creating the pool and then activating the private pool.

Step 1: Creating the private pool

Any registered participant of the Virginia LottoPool site can create a private lottery pool. The person creating the private lottery pool is called the LottoPool Leader. The Pool Leader selects a lottery game and drawing, identifies the number of spots to be offered in the pool, and lists the persons (with email addresses) that he or she wants to invite to participate in the private lottery pool. The pool is created instantaneously, and awaits activation.

Step 2: Activating the private pool by purchasing spot(s)

Once a private lottery pool is created, it is activated by the Pool Leader once he or she is ready to accept contributions in the lottery pool. As the pool is activated, the invited participants for the lottery pool are sent an email to join the private lottery pool. Each person can decide if he or she wants to join the lottery pool or not, and purchase spot(s) in the private lottery pool. Once the private lottery pool is activated, it is open for invited participants to purchase spot(s) in the pool.

Benefit of Private Pool Creation

Unlike the public pool where the winnings will be shared with people across the state, a private pool permits winnings to be shared with the people you know as friends, family members, or coworkers. So if the lottery pool wins, all the people that you invited will receive a portion of the winnings of the lottery pool. The winnings are split according to a Lottery Pool Agreement signed by all the participants in this pool. The Pool Leader is awarded the winning share of one additional spot in the pool, if the lottery pool wins any money. So if the Pool Leader purchased 10 spots, when the lottery pool wins any money, the Pool Leader is awarded a share of the winnings as if the lottery pool owned 11 spots pool.

What Virginia LottoPool Will Do For You

The Virginia LottoPool Team will do all the hard work. As a participant, all you have to do is identify the lottery games/drawings (and the lottery pools associated to them), and purchase spot(s) in the lottery pools of interest to you. Virginia LottoPool will do all the rest, that is, as the lottery pool closes, the Virginia LottoPool Team will purchase the tickets, and post the images and numbers of the tickets for the lottery pool. When the Virginia Lottery (or multistate lottery operator) holds a drawing and declares the results, the Virginia LottoPool Team will post the results for each lottery pool, calculate any winnings for each lottery pool, , redeem the winnings, and distribute the winning shares to the spot holders in the lottery pool, in compliance with the Lottery Pool Agreement with Virginia LottoPool participants.

Results and Pool Winning Share

As the Virginia Lottery declares the results of a lottery drawing, they are posted on the Virginia LottoPool detail page. All the participants are notified of the winnings of each lottery pool, and also how much each participant has won as a participant in a pool.


To see the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please review the FAQ Page.


For additional support, participants can post additional questions regarding the Virginia LottoPool on the Forum page of the site, and each question is promptly responded by the appropriate LottoPool Team member.


The Virginia LottoPool Blog contains blog entries about the LottoPool site, helping our participants understand the lottery games and the benefit of joining lottery pools.

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