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General Questions

  • What is lotto pool?
    Lotto Pool is an online service allowing people to join lottery pool online with people across the state, or their friends and family.

  • Are you connected with the state lottery?
    Lotto Pool is not connected to the State lottery agencies, it is a private group who is providing ways for people to join Lottery Pools for the games sponsored by State Lottery agencies.

  • Do you sell lottery tickets over the Internet?
    Lotto Pool site is not a lottery ticket reseller. Instead the Lotto Pool is an online service for people to join lottery pool, which improves the odds of a member to win a lottery jackpot.

  • Can you tell me more about your company?
    Lotto Pool is a private organization, providing the functionality to people who like to play lottery, and want to join Lottery Pools to improve their odds of winning jackpots . Lotto Pool manages lottery pool, which can be public or private, from the pool formation to distributing the winnings – we handle it all.

  • Is your service considered gambling?
    Playing Lottery is Gambling, and the base of Lotto Pool is state sponsored lottery games.

  • Is your service legal?
    Yes, Lotto Pool is perfectly legal, just like playing lotto is legal in your state.

  • As a non-USA citizen, am I eligible to play and win United States lottery games?
    No, in order for a person to participate in a state’s lotto pool, the person has to be a legal resident of the state of the lotto pool, and at least 18 years of age.

  • Why is there a minimum payment requirement of $10.00?
    Purchasing a spot is low as few dollars a piece, but in order to keep the finance charges to be kept a minimum, members have to deposit a minimum of $10. All the finance charges are paid by the Lotto Pool, and if the user deposits $10 or over, that amount is credited to their personal account on lotto pool.

  • What are the tax liabilities on my prize?
    Tax liability on the share of the winnings from the pool is taxable by federal government and state government. Federal government deducts 25% from the winnings, and each state has the percentage in the range of 2%-10% for state taxes. A W2-G is issued for winnings over $600 in a year.

  • Can you mail me my lottery tickets?
    As a member of Lotto Pool, members participate in a lottery pool by purchasing spots in the pool. No one member owns all the spots in a lotto pool. Even if a member purchase all the spots, it is not allowed by US Federal government to mail lottery tickets, so the lottery tickets never leave the custody of Lotto Pool team. Lotto pool team purchases, cashes and divides the winnings of the Lotto Pool. As a pool member, you can view the ticket numbers and the images of the lottery tickets, as the pool closes, and tickets are purchased and posted on the lotto pool – pool detail page.

  • Are prizes taxable?
    Yes the lottery winnings are considered income. For winnings over $5000 the taxes are deducted by the lottery agencies, and for winnings over $600 in a year a W2-G is issued for the winner.

  • Can I claim lottery winnings by mail?
    When a Lotto Pool wins any money, it is cashed and divided by the Lotto Pool Team, and the amount is credited to the members account with Lotto Pool. Alternatively, in case of Jackpot winnings, or large winnings in access of $1,000 the winning share, the winning share of the lottery pool can be sent directly to the members to their registered mailing address from the State Lottery Agency.

  • Can a group of people share a prize?
    Lotto Pool is a group of people, the prize is shared with all the members of the lotto pool who own the spots in the lottery pool that won any money. The money is divided based on the number of spots a person owns in the lottery pool.

  • How can I get more information about lotto pool?
    You can get more information about the lotto pool from this site. For details about a specific Lotto Pool, you can view it from the detail Lotto Pool page, which shows the detail of the lotto pool. Also, if you have further questions, please contact us using the contact us page on the lotto pool web site.

  • What lottery games are played in the lotto pools?
    Lottery games for the lotto pool are state sponsored games with a minimum jackpot of $1 million.

  • What is a megaplier or power play?
    Megaplier is a number selected during the lottery drawing. Any winning on the tickets with Megaplier gets the winning multiplier by the Megaplier number. Say a lottery game is played with the, and additional cost is paid for the Megaplier. At the lottery drawing, if the mega plier number is 3, and the lottery ticket purchased with megaplier has the winnings multiplied by the Mega Plier number.

  • Are megaplier and power play implemented in the lotto pool?
    Lotto Pool’s do not use Mega Pliers as they double the cost of tickets. In future this feature can be added based on feedback of members.

  • What is power play? Is power play used in lottery pool tickets?
    Power Play is an option when playing Power Ball game, it doubles the cost of the tickets. When drawing the power ball lottery, a power play number is picked by the drawing agency. All the winnings of a lottery ticket with power play are multiplied by the number picked by the lottery drawing agency as the power play number. Current Lotto Pool’s do not buy Power Play option, but will add it later based on the request/feedback from the members.

  • Is there any tax deducted from the prize money?
    Yes on all prizes over $5000, lottery agencies deduct 25% federal income tax, and each state based on their laws deduct between 2%-10% for state income tax. All winnings over $600, a W2-G is issued at the end of the year.

  • What is the benefit of joining a lotto pool compared to buying a lottery ticket?
    Lottery games have very large jackpots often in 100’s of millions. Odds of winning a jackpot for major lottery games like power ball or mega millions are in the range of is 1 in 175 million number combinations. By joining a pool with say 100 other members the odds go from 1:175Million to 100:175 Million for a lotto pool with 100 members. Additionally if a member joins 10 pools, each with 100 members, so to approximately the cost of 10 tickets, the odds of a lottery player are improved to 1000:175 Million. Also if you wish to setup a private pool with coworkers, friends, or family – Lotto Pool allows the service to form a lottery pool, collects the member share of funds, handles the lotto pool agreement, purchase the tickets and inform members of the tickets by posting the scanned images (as the pool closes), and cashes the winnings, and divides the winning share between pool members.

  • Can I participate in the lotto pool if I am living overseas?
    In order to be a member of the Lotto Pool, you have to be the resident of the US State for the Lotto Pool. Example, for joining VALotoPool a member has to be a resident of Virginia (VA).

  • How do I sign up to lotto pool sites?
    You can click on the sign up page to sign up. On the sign up page, the user provides their personal information, which is kept private, and user selects a user id (email address) and a password. A confirmation is sent to the user email address to the user email for confirming the sign up. Once a user sign up is completed, user can login to the lotto pool site.

  • If I am a member of Virginia Lotto Pool, can I join another state lotto pool site?
    Requirements for joining Virginia lotto pool is to be a resident of Virginia. Since a person cannot be a resident of multiple states, same user cannot join lotto pool for multiple state sites.

  • How does the ‘Quick Pick’ option work?
    Quick Pick is the way the numbers are selected for the lotto pool, where the numbers for the lottery game are selected randomly by the lottery machine.

  • What is pool consolidation?
    As the lotto pools have to be closed 24 hrs prior to the date and time of the lottery drawing – often lotto pools initially setup for say 100 members have some spots left in them. At the close, the lotto pools which did not reach their threshold, can be combined for the same lottery event with other lotto pools with less than threshold number of spots.

  • How do I download the iPhone apps?
    iPhone Apps are being developed to be used on iPhone and iPad devices.

  • How do I download the android apps?
    Android apps are being developed to be used on Andriod based mobile devices.

  • Can I purchase a lottery ticket?
    Lotto Pool is not resellers of Lottery Tickets. Lotto pool members purchase spots in the pool and lotto pool team goes out and purchase lottery tickets for the lotto pool.

  • Can I purchase spots in a lotto pool online or mail?
    Lotto Pool service is available thru the website only, so a member can purchase spots online only using their computer.

  • What are the odds of winning?
    Odd of winning jackpot for a lottery game like power ball or mega-millions are in the range of 1:175 million. By joining a lottery pool, a lotto pool user increases their odds of winning the jackpot or other smaller prizes.

  • Will the lotto pool share my personal information with any third party companies?
    No, all the members information is kept confidential and will never be shared with any third party companies.


Participations in Lotto Pool

  • Can I get a refund?
    Once a user purchases a spot in the pool, that is non-refundable.

  • How do I pay for my lotto pool participation?
    You pay by making a deposit in your personal lotto pool account using a credit card or bank.
    Please see the Bank Page to get more details on how to deposit funds to your personal lotto pool account.

  • Can you mail, fax, or e-mail me a copy of my lottery tickets?
    Members of a lotto pool can view the ticket information and view the images of the lottery tickets purchased for the lottery pool on the lotto pool detail page. No tickets are emailed, faxed or mailed to any user of lotto pool.

  • How old do I have to be to play?
    In order to be a registered member of lotto pool, a person has to be at least 18 years of age.

  • Can I buy lotto pool spots with a debit card or gift card?
    A lotto pool user purchases spots in the lottery pool using the balance in their lotto pool personal account. You can use any kind of credit, debit or gift card to make deposit to your lotto pool bank account.

  • How do I get the lotto pool to consider sponsoring my organization’s event?
    Please contact us via the contact us page, and we will review your organization event, and consider sponsoring the event.

  • Can I be part of a lottery pool if I do not reside in that state?
    In order to be part of a lotto pool member, the user must be a resident of the state same as the lotto pool site. Lotto Pool will be expanded nationwide, so join the lotto pool site of your state.

  • How do I participate in a lotto pool?
    Well participating starts with a) Registering yourself with Lotto Pool, b) Making a deposit in your personal lotto pool account, c) using the amount in your lotto pool personal account, you can purchase spots in the pools you like to join.

  • Can I select the ticket numbers for the lotto pool?
    Lottery pool tickets are all selected as ‘quick pick’. We are working on incorporating the lottery pool member selection of the ticket number, and will be available in future release of the lotto pool site.

  • How is public lotto pools created?
    Public pool is created by the lotto pool administrator. Any member of the lotto pool site can submit a request for a public lotto pool also.

  • How is private lotto pools created?
    Public pool is a pool which members of the lotto pool site create for having a lottery pool with friends, family and coworkers. In order to create a private pool any member can setup a private lottery pool. The person, setting up the private pool is called the pool leader. The pool leader when setting up the private pool has to specify: a) name of the private pool like ‘John Family’ etc. b) a game and drawing of the lottery like Power Ball drawing of Aug 3, 12, and a list of members they want to invite using their email id’s – If a invited member is a lotto pool member, the pool leader will be prompted to confirm that. At this point the lottery pool is ready for use, only restriction is the pool becomes active to the invited members only once the pool leader purchases at least one spot in the lottery pool.

  • How do I participate in a lotto pool?
    Participation in lotto pool requires to register with lotto pool site. In order to register, a member must be the resident of the state, and at least 18 years of age.

  • How can I create a lotto pool for my friends, coworkers?
    A lottery pool where only friends, family, or coworkers can join is called a private pool. Any registered member of the lotto pool site can create a private lottery pool and invite friends, family and coworkers to join. In a private pool, only invited members will be able to join.

  • Can I purchase multiple spots in a pool?
    Any member can purchase one or more spots in the pool.

  • Can I participate in multiple pools?
    Lotto pool members are encouraged to join multiple lottery pools, as joining multiple pools will increase the odds of winning and possibly the jackpot.

  • How can I see the tickets that belong to the lotto pool I am participating?
    As the lotto pool is closed, the tickets are purchased by the lotto pool team. Those tickets information and images for the lottery pool are uploaded by the lotto pool team, and a notification is sent to the members to view the ticket information and images of the tickets on the lotto pool detail page.

  • How can I view the numbers for the pool I participated?
    When you log in to the lotto pool site, on the user home page, there is the list of all the lotto pools that you are part of with future drawing dates. If a user wish to get details of the past lotto pool’s they have joined, they can request the transcript from the lotto pool site.

  • What is the lotto pool friends program?
    Lotto Pool encourages the members to introduce to friends, family and co-workers. For each person you refer, that becomes a member of lotto pool and after their first deposit, the lotto pool referring the new member will be rewarded with a gift card, which can be applied to deposit funds to the members personal lotto pool account.

  • How can I refer my friends, coworkers, and family?
    On the home page a registered member can refer people to join Lotto Pool. Each member that becomes a registered member of the lotto pool site, and when the new member makes their first deposit, the referring member of lotto pool will be rewarded with a gift card.

  • Where can I see a scanned copy of the tickets for the lotto pool?
    You can view the scanned copy of the tickets for the lotto pool on the lotto pool detail page.

  • How soon can I see the scanned copy of the tickets for the lotto pool?
    As the lotto pool closes, the tickets are purchased. The ticket information is entered and tickets are scanned and posted to the lotto pool detail page. Ticket information and images are made available on the site at least 4 hrs prior to the drawing of the lottery game.

  • How do I add money to my account?
    A registered member of the lotto pool site can deposit funds to their personal lotto pool account using a credit card, debit card, gift card, Paypal or online bank transfer.

  • How do I withdraw money from my account?
    Any member with a personal lotto pool balance of over $0 can request a withdrawal from their account from the Bank page.


User Member Account

  • How do I create an account on lotto pool so I can play?
    Click Sign up on the home page, and follow directions to become a registered member of the lotto pool site.

  • How do I change my accounts email preferences?
    You can change your email preferences from the user home page – by clicking to update information.

  • How do I edit my personal details?
    You can edit your personal details from the user home page – link to update information.

  • How can I be validate my membership?

    How do I close my account?



  • Where can I get results for the lottery games for the lotto pool?

  • Where can I check winning numbers?

  • Where can I find lottery results?

  • When are the lottery event results updated?



  • What happens if my ticket is a winner?

  • If I win will someone run off with my winning ticket?

  • How do I get the prize I won?

  • What happens in the event of an error in lotto pool winnings computation?

  • How long do I have to collect a prize?

  • Where can I claim a prize?

  • Can I remain anonymous when I claim my lottery pool winnings?

  • What do I need to take with me when I claim the lotto pool winnings?

  • Which cashing option is used? Cash or Annuity?

  • What amounts of money winnings from lotto pool are distributed?

  • How is prizes in a public lotto pool are divided?

  • How is prizes in a private pool are divided?

  • How do I claim my share of the lotto pool?

  • Can I claim if I am out of state?

  • Where can I watch the drawing?

  • What are the ways lotto pool win?

  • Do the ticket numbers have to match the numbers in the exact order drawn?

  • How will I know if the lotto pool I am participated won?

  • How can I choose between the cash and annuity payment option?

  • Why is the jackpot paid in cash and not in annual payments?

  • How will I know if I a lotto pool has won any money?

  • How will I receive my money if I win?

  • How can I use my wins for future participations?

  • Does lotto pool retain a commission on the winnings of the lotto pool?

  • What can I do to make sure I was paid correctly for my lotto pool participation?

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