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Please review the following terms of using our service.  Use of our service indicates your acceptance of these terms.

I. General

1. This unique and innovative Site is designated to enable Internet surfers to participate at any of the major official lottery draws  through the Virginia Lottery, according to a list which is updated at the Site from time to time. Subject to the stipulations of this Terms of Use, the participation in the official lottery draws via this Site is possible as long as you are resident of the same US state.

2. In addition, the Site proposes a compilation of accompanying services, including, management of a participant account, collection of prize moneys and transferring them to the winner, as well as publishing various and immediate information on all the official lotto draws concerning the lottery event.
3. The Site is owned by HenSanLLC.com, hereafter "the Company".

II. Subordination to the Terms of Use and the binding thereof

4. Anyone registered at the Site, in accordance with the procedure specified hereafter, or participating in one of the Site's proposed activities, or uses the information published in the Site, accepts upon himself or herself, in free will and consent, the Terms of Use's authority and the binding thereof, and agrees to be bound by the Terms of Use, undertakes to act pursuant to the Terms of Use's stipulations and to the rules specified therein, as they will be updated from time to time, and to obey them without any reservation.
5. The Company is entitled to amend this Terms of Use at any time, and to do so according to its absolute and exclusive discretion. Therefore, everyone is required to review the Terms of Use on a regular basis, including before performing any activity via this Site.
6. This Terms of Use, as it will be updated or amended from time to time by the Company, constitutes the entire and whole agreement between the Company and anyone registered to the Site or participating in one of the activities proposed by the Site or using this Site, including the information published thereon, for whatever purpose. Any presentation, promise, undertaking or consent, whether verbal or in writing, that do not comply with the Terms of Use's stipulations, will not be valid.

III. Who is entitled to Participate

7. The participation in the lottery pools via the Site, or in any other activity that is proposed by the Site, is solely permitted to one complying with all the accumulative terms that are specified hereafter:
a. On the participation date, the participant's age exceeds the legal capacity age as set by the law applying in the territory they are in, and in any event their age exceeds 18 years; and,
b. The participant is the legal owner of a valid debit card or other payment method accepted by the Site; and,
c. The participant does not violate any law or regulation as a result of his or her participation in the lottery pool draws via this Site, or as a result of participation in any other activity proposed by this Site. In this context it will be stressed, that players residing or present in any jurisdiction that prohibits participation in this Site, or in any lottery ,shall not participate in the prohibited activity. In order for a person to become participate via this site the he or she is a resident of  Virginia and must be located within the boundaries of the State. The Company, its agents and anyone on their behalf make no representations or warranties, express or implied, as to the lawfulness of any person's participation in any activity through this Site or to the legal right to participate in the lottery pools or any other activity proposed by this Site. It is each participant's responsibility to ensure that he complies with any and all laws applicable to him before registering or participating in any activity through this Site.
8. All persons connected, directly or indirectly, with the management of each lottery pool offered by the Site, and family members thereof, are not entitled to participate in any of the activities proposed by this Site.This provision does not apply to a Virginia LottoPool Team Leader in a private pool.

IV. Site Registration

9. Anyone interested in participating in the various activities that are proposed by this Site (including, participation in official lottery draws, as explained in this Terms Of Use) is obliged to register at the Site, as specified in this paragraph.
10. The registration at the Site is made once, but in a two part process.
11. In the first part of the registration process, one must fill in all the obligatory fields on the registration form, therein included to specify a valid, working personal e-mail address and to choose a secret Password (hereafter, "the Identification Details").
12. The participant has the entire responsibility to keep confidential  the Identification Details and not to transfer them to another. The full responsibility for an unauthorized use of the participant's Identification Details lies solely with the participant, who will bear, alone, all the responsibility  of an unauthorized use of his Identification Details.
13. A surfer who will enter this Site and request to participate in one or more of the activities that are proposed by the Site will be required to type in the Identification Details. The Site's operating system will compare the Identification Details that are typed in by the surfer and the Identification Details that are reserved at the Site, and only in the event of a complete identification will the surfer be allowed to participate in all of the Site's activities, that are allowed to that identified participant.
14. The second and last part of the registration process to the Site will be performed by the participant on the date that he will participate, for the first time, in one or more of the paid activities that are proposed by this Site.
15. During this second part  the LottoPool participant must give his valid debit card or bank transfer details, and also give additional personal identification details (the Identification Details, as defined in article 11, and the additional details mentioned in this article will be referred to hereafter as "the Participant's Details").

V. Participant Account

16. To each surfer at the Site who will fill in his Participant's Details, a "virtual" account at the Site will be opened (hereafter, "Participant's Account").
17. Entry to a Participant's Account will only be made by giving the Identification Details, as will be published on the Site.
18. The orders for lottery pool participation that the participant has made, and the prizes that he will win (if they will win), due to and as a result of the participant's participation in the activities proposed by the Site, will be specified in the Participant's Account.
19. The participant will be able to perform via the Participant's Account various acts, including updating the Participant's Details, examining winnings, ordering e-mail alerts, changing the participant's Password, etc.

VI. Confidentiality

20. The Company undertakes to preserve under confidentiality every Participant's Details, all the data relating to each Participant's Account, and also all the details of the participant's activity at the Site, not to do any use thereof beyond the required for participation in the Site's activities, and not to disperse them or transfer them to others, for a consideration or gratis, or for any purpose whatsoever.

VII. Paid Participation in Lottery Pool Game

21. Anyone who has registered at the Site and has opened a Participant's Account pursuant to this Terms of Use's stipulation is entitled to and can participate, via this Site, at various official lottery draws that are conducted or that will be conducted by official lottery operators, and that according to a list which will be updated at the Site, from time to time, pursuant to the Company's exclusive discretion (hereafter in this chapter, "the Game").
22. The Game's purpose is to join the lottery pools, that will participate in the official lottery draw, and that the Lottopool participant has chosen to participate in, as they will be published, in a final and exclusive manner, by the official operator of the lottery draw (hereafter, "the Winning Numbers").
23. Subject to the Terms of Use, by participating in the Game one can win various monetary prizes, equal to those granted in any official lottery draws in which the participation is possible through this Site. Subject to the provisions stated in this Terms of Use (and in particular see article 36 hereunder) the participation in the Game is subject to, and will be in accordance with, the official and valid rules of the Virginia Lottery , these Terms of Use and/or the Virginia LottoPool Agreement for of each and every lottery pool, with respect to which the participation in the pool is made (hereafter - "the Official Rules"). Without jeopardizing the generality of the aforementioned, the prizes rating, too -(e.g. , first, second, third prize),  the number of the Winning Numbers that must be guessed in order to win one of the prizes , and the prizes payment manner, are also set according to the Official Rules.

24. One can participate, via the Site, in one or more of the official lottery draws that are specified at the Site, by surfing to the Site and purchasing a participation form, that will be filled in according to the Official Rules and to the stipulations of this Terms of Use (hereafter, "Participation Form").
25. The payment for the Participation Form that has been filled in by a Participant will be made by debiting the participant's debit card or bt withdrawing funds via a bank transfer , the details of which were given to the Site during the participant's registration process to the Site, as specified in chapter IV above.

26. Only a Participation Form that will be filled in pursuant to the stipulations of this Terms of Use and that the payment with respect to which will be settled in full will be entitled to receive a confirmation number (hereafter, "a Confirmation Number") from the Site's operating system. A Participation Form, as stated, that will be given a Confirmation Number, will be referred to hereafter as, "a Valid Participation Form", and only a Valid Participation Form will entitle a participant with the right to receive winning prizes, as specified in this Terms of Use.
27. A Participation Form that has not received a Confirmation Number from the Site's operating system, for any reason whatsoever — including, but without jeopardizing the generality of things, a malfunctioning in the Site's operating system, technical failure, human error or force major — will not be considered as a Valid Participation Form, no payment will be debited for it, and it will not entitle the participant who has filled it in or purchased it with any right.
28. The Company and the Site reserve the right to  cancel, retroactively, a lotto pool Participation, even after a Confirmation was given for it, if it will be found out that the consideration for the lotto pool Participation has not been fully settled. In such an event, the Participation will be considered as if it has been invalid from the first place.
29. The Lottopool  Participant has an absolute obligation and responsibility to preserve the Confirmation that will be given to them by the Site, and to divulge it to the Company upon its request. The company reserves the right to rejected on the threshold all claims concerning winnings, should the claimant not be able to divulge a valid Confirmation.
30. The possibility to purchase and to participate in a lotto pool, at the Site, in which one can participate via the Site, will be blocked by the Site ,twenty-four(24) hours  before the hour the official lottery draw is to be actually performed. However, the Site is entitled, according to its discretion and subject to publishing same at the Site, to block or to open the possibility to purchase, via the Site, participation forms, concerning each official lottery draw, at any hour and date.
31. Immediately with the blocking of the possibility to participate at a certain draw, as stated in article 30 above, the Site's operating system will stop  giving Confirmation for lottopool ownership positions spot purchases.
32. After blocking the possibility to participate, via the Site, at a certain lottery pool, and before the hour that this official lottery draw is to take place, the Site will transfer copies of all the Valid Participation information that were purchased in the Site concerning that official lottery pool, to the control of the Virginia LottoPool Administrator, who will supervise the Site's activity (hereafter, "the Administrator").
33. The only determining registrations with respect to the lotto pool participation that were purchased by participants in Valid Lotto Pool will be those sent by the Site to the Administrator before the time of the relevant lottery event as will be held in the Administrator's' possession. The registrations that will be in the Administrator  possession will constitute, in any event of a dispute or a conflict or a claim, as final proof to the correctness of the eligible registrations, which cannot be disputed or attacked in any way.
34. With respect to each Valid lotto pool purchase, that a copy thereof will be received by the Administrator, the Company will purchase a Participation Form in an official lottery draw.
35. Immediately after the Winning Numbers, the number of winners and the winning sums at each of the official lottery draws will be published by the official operator of the lottery draw (hereafter the "Official Results"), the Company will conduct a comprehensive examination of all the lotto pool tickets that were purchased, for the given lotto pool, concerning that draw, such examination will be made in relation to the registrations that are held by the Administrator. To remove doubt it is hereby clarified, that setting the Game Results will be made according to the stipulations of this Terms of Use and in view of the Official Results.
36. The Official Results and the Game results (hereafter jointly "the Results") will be published at the Site as soon as possible.
37. Winning a game will be noted in the personal Participant's Account of the relevant participant. In parallel, immediately with the publication of the Results at the Site, the Site's operating system will inform the winning participant of his winning via e-mail that will be sent to the electronic address that was given by the participant.
38. In the event that a lotto pool - Participation includes winning  an accumulative prize up to a total sum of US $1,000, then the Company will transfer the winning sum due , to the personal Participant's Account of the relevant participant, upon where it can be used in leau of a debit card payment for future orders. Upon participant's request, the Company will pay to the participant any fraction of the balance of funds contained in the Participant's Account, so long as the amount paid out to the participant is US $50 or greater. If the Participant's Account contains less than $50, those funds must remain in the Participant's Account until they are either exhausted from future orders or have exceeded $50. A funds transfer to the participant will take, on average, four to six weeks, if the withdrawal is via paper check, a free method to withdraw funds from the users site personal account. The participant will be assessed a transfer fee of approximately US $15 to $30 for each transfer request that participant requests for bank transfer. Transfers of large prizes could incur larger transfer fees, depending on the method of transfer.
39. In the event that a lotto pool participation includes a winning or winnings that entitle with a prize above the total sum of $US 1,000, the Site's operating system will request the winning participant, via e-mail, immediately with the publication of the Results at the Site, to transfer to the Site instructions concerning the manner that the winning sum will be transferred to the participant (hereafter the "Participant's Instructions"). The Company will transfer the winning sum in its entirety, according to the Participant's Instructions, subtracting the transfer costs, in the event that there will be any, and that, within four to six weeks from the receipt of the Participant's instructions.
40. Also in the event that a lotto pool participation includes a winning or winnings that entitle with the first prize at any official lottery draw, i.e., the Jackpot, the Site's operating system will request the Participant's Instructions, as stated in paragraph 39 above. The Company will transfer the winning share to the participant, as per the lotto pool agreement, according to the Participant's Instructions, subtracting the transfer costs in the event that there will be any, and that, within 15 days from the receipt of the winning sum from the official draw operator.
41. The winning sums will be paid nominally, in US dollars, and will bear no interest or linkage differentials from the winning date till the actual payment of the winning sums.
42. The participant alone will be responsible for the payment of the taxes that will apply, if at all, on the winning sums, but the Company will be entitled, but not obliged, to deduct from the wining sums any tax that will apply to the winning sums concerning which a withholding tax obligation will apply.

VIII. The Price

45. The price of participation in the lotto pool (i.e. the participation price at lotto pool via this Site and as stated in this Terms Of Use) will be higher than the individual ticket price for the lottery game of the lotto pool. Specially, each LottoPoll Participant will contribute $1.25 for each used to purchase lottery tickets ,to defray the costs of administering each lottery pool.
46. Lotto Pool participation price via this Site at each of the official lottery draws as stated in this Terms Of Use is not fixed and may change from one draw to another.
47. In any event, the participation price, via the Site, at each of the official lottery draws, is the price appearing on the lotto pool detail screen of each of the lotto pools, and the final debiting sum for the participation is the sum appearing in the Confirmation Form and in the Participant's Account.

IX. The Currency

48. Debiting the participation price, as paying the winning share to the winners, will be made in one currency - US dollars.

X. The information

61. The Site provides various information concerning the US state leading official lottery draws, including the winning numbers, the official rules, the official results, the winning odds, etc. (hereafter "the Information").
62. The Information's publication at the Site is given only as a service to the participants, and nothing more. The information is manually fed into the Site's operating system and therefore may include errors and mistakes made in bona fide.

XI. Reservations concerning the Responsibility of the Company and of the Site

63. The Company does and will do, to the best of its ability, to prevent any malfunctioning in the Site's activity, including, but without jeopardizing the generality of things, participation in official lottery draws via the Site. However, in any event of a technical failure in the Site's operating or computer system , or in the Administrator accounting system, human error or force major, that as a result thereof, the Company reserves the right to cancel any Valid lotto pool participation or purchase of spot, concerning which the malfunctioning has occurred. In such an event, the responsibility of the Company and/or the Site and/or anyone else who has acted on their behalf (including the Administrator) or for them will be limited only to the participation fees sum that was paid to the Site by the participant for the Lotto Pool participation. In addition to the above it is clarified that the Company and/or the Site and/or anyone else who has acted on their behalf (including the Accountants) are not responsible for any error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, communications line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, or alteration of data or information. The company is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any telephone network or lines, computer on-line, systems, servers or providers, computer equipment, software failure of e-mail on account of technical problems or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any web site. The Company reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the lotto pool if for any reason, the lotto pool cannot be conducted as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering or unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond the control of the Company. In no event shall the Company and/or the Site and/or anyone else who has acted on their behalf (including the Administrator) be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or damages for loss of profits, revenue, data or use incurred by any participant or third party, whether in an action for contract or tort, arising from the access to, or use of, the Site. The responsibility of the Company and of the Site for the payment of the first price due to participation via the Site in any lotto pool will only arise and be limited only to the sum that the Company will receive, if it will receive, from the operator of the official draw. In any event, the Company and/or the Site and /or anyone on their behalf will not have to pay the participant any sum due to a win of a first prize share of the lotto pool if the Company will fail, in spite of its reasonable efforts, to collect this prize from the operator of the official draw, for any reason whatsoever. The Company and/or its agents make no representations about the suitability, reliability, availability, timeliness and accuracy of the Information, software, products and services contained on the Site for any purpose. All information, software, products and services are provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. The Company hereby disclaims all warranties with respect to this information, whether express or implied.
64. In any event, no liability will apply to the Company and/or the Site and/or anyone operating in their name or on their behalf due to a damage that was caused due to reliance, of any type, on the Information, as its definition above, or on any other publication appearing at the Site, and the participants or any one surfing at the Site are invited to verify the information published at the Site via the terminals and the official publications of the official lottery games operators.

XII. Intellectual Property

69. All the rights, including the intellectual property rights (i.e., patents, copyright, trademarks, service marks, logos, trade names, know-how or any other intellectual property or right) concerning this Site or relating to it, or concerning the Games that are proposed within its framework (hereinafter "the Rights"), are owned by the Company and shall be the exclusive property of the Company. No one shall use any of the Rights without the express written approval of the Company.
70. Without jeopardizing the generality of the stated in article 69 above, it is hereby stressed, that the Company and/or anyone on its behalf are the legal owners of ongoing patent application concerning the activity and the services that are proposed by this Site and the framework of the Site's activity. In addition, the Company and/or bodies on its behalf own the copyrights in the Games that are proposed at this Site.
71. Without jeopardizing the generality of the stated in article 70 above, it is hereby clarified that one should not copy or duplicate, in any form whatsoever and in any media whatsoever, any parts of this Terms of Use or of the rules that this Site and the Games proposed therein are managed according to.
72. Each violation of the Rights of the Company and/or the Site will be severely handled, and the Company and/or the Site will be strict in extracting their Rights against anyone who will violate their Rights.

XIII. Disputes and conflicts

73. In any event of a clarification, complaint, dispute, reservation, claim or action (hereafter "Dispute") resulting from participation at any activity at the Site, including in one of the Games proposed by the Site, or related to an activity as stated - including but without jeopardizing the generality of things, Dispute concerning Lotto Pool participation, concerning entitlement to winning any prizes - then, in the event that no agreed upon by both the Company and the participant solution will be found, the dispute will be transferred to the exclusive decision of one of the partners in the Accountants office, whose determination will be final and decisive (hereinafter "the Decider").
74. The Decider will determine, according to their sole discretion, the manner in which Dispute will be addressed by him, and he will be entitled to determine, that the Dispute will be clarified only according to written arguments, or in any other manner, as they will see fit.
75. The Decider will determine in the Dispute, according to his sole exclusive discretion, subject only to this Terms of Use's stipulations. The Decider will not be subject to the stipulations of any material law, but will have to shortly reason his decision.

XIV. Client Requirements

76. The company requires that the cardholder print out all transaction data, the rules of the game, the cancellation regulations, and the payment methods in order to avoid misconceptions.

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